Share The Flavor®

Brand awareness campaign: Launching the all-new Jade Teriyaki

Our rebranding of Jade Teriyaki was the first step to revitalize a well-known brand in need of shaking off the chasm between its product and identity. Secondly, we had to break the good news all around town.

The main objective was to communicate that the brand image had been brought up to date, without losing product quality or changing its core values.

In order to achieve that goal, we conceptualized a positive and versatile tagline: “Share the flavor®”.

A concept that lives where online and offline perspectives meet, this campaign is a comment of our current reality and how technology expands the meaning of that simple word.

See what we did there?

Joining the conversation current consumers started online, we made use of the double entendre a “sharing” concept provides, it’s about snapping a picture of your plate and uploading it to social media for your friends to see, but also means letting your lunch partner have a bite of your meal.

Share the flavor®

Featuring all the best sellers from the Teriyaki menu, we showed off mouthwatering meals alongside the common iconography you may find in almost every social media platform.

The messages were fun, quirky expressions people say when referring to delicious food, topped with emojis, hashtags and tags, to push even further the online perspective of the pieces.

“Jade Teriyaki now has a new look” accompanied the new logo as a temporary slogan, for the duration of the campaign.


The campaign take off

The campaign was launched online, on social media platforms and in wide-format billboards located in high impact spots of the Dominican Republic.

Online clicks directed users to a landing page where clients and members of the press could play the campaign video, read the official press release or clear up any confusion through a set o FAQ about the rebranding.