Zen Kitchen

An icon for the modern gastropub experience

In this all-connected world, brand positioning is a delicate affair, and competition shifted from reaching the prime spot in terms of industry, to providing the most remarkable experience value across markets.

Consumers’s hunt for deluxe experiences no longer circumscribes to tech or automotive products/services, it is now a constant need that permeates to any and all branding opportunities in daily life. 

This was precisely our mindset when asked to create a logo for the new restaurant Zen Kitchen in 2018. The result was an icon for a culturally rich, modern gastropub experience to meet the mature palate of sybarites in Santo Domingo. 

The golden waves of a zen garden encompassing the Z resemble a new path to balanced eating, sharing a blissful meal and toasting to one another in a deluxe space. A deep greenish blue selected to blend artfully in the background, while highlighting every gold stroke to the observing diner.

So, where do meet an European automotive brand and the asian food restaurant in Santo Domingo? In the now highly competitive global luxury market.